23 October 2005

Wtf is up with black people

You guys know that song "My Humps"? Well.. It's not exactly my "type" of song, but it is very interesting to listen to (and even more interesting to watch!)...

If anyone understands the "milky milky cocoa puffs" part... please explain.

This is the shitty part about living away from home. My leg hurts. Ow. No one to give me a leg massage. Ow. Damn it, I've been walking all day.

Next time someone needs help in chemistry/physics/math/organic/computers/etc, I need favors now.

See that people? Look at the folder 4th down. Hell yeah, fools. I'm in the process of acquiring all the eurobeat albums. Yes. Every single one.

You can also see a Korean movie in the list!

I'm going to update the side bar of music now.

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