17 October 2005


I now remember what I was going to blog about:

The UT logo. Let's take a good look at it:

That's a longhorn with the horns going sideways. I don't know what dolt picked that logo, but the presence of horns on the side contradicts evolutionary theory.

Horns are usually made to show off to females and also for fighting purposes. This longhorn in the logo would only be able to fight side to side, hence, the genes creating the sideways horns would die off, because the animal would always lose (longhorns fight head on..)

Hence, longhorns are retarded. Why can't we be something cooler like... hummingbirds. Just so you know, if I died and someone gave me a choice to be some animal, I wouldn't be a cheetah or something generic like that. I'd be a hummingbird. Check it out.

Hummingbirds are so kickass.. They can fly backwards and hover in the air with a heart beat of ~220.


My sickness is almost gone. I don't believe the Daily Texan people know that I'm writing a paper through my sickness.

Also, a bit of good news.. those of you who actually matter will get to know about it.


My paper is almost done. I'll post a link if it ever gets published. I hope you guys are enjoying the media to the right, I'm going to change it out in 2-3 days.

Also, Jonathan, good luck and GOOD GAME sir. I'll be watching [with a camera and a laser mic]

I was going to write about something, but I've forgotten what. Ah well. Check back later, ne?


sikha said...

watch sex is zero < korean comedy movie>
sexy korean girls, sex and sex...and some drama...but sex.

shinigami said...

You had better think that I matter so that I can get to know this "good news" you've got. Biotch. See you Wednesday.