15 October 2005


Update: I've added a "Latest Media" section on your right. Some songs I'm listening to, maybe video every once in a while, etc. No, I didn't make any of them. Enjoy.

So after going to the doctor, I'm on high dose (500mg) Penicillin. Those tablets are fucking huge. I can feel it going down my throat. For those of you that care, I am getting better. If you don't care, I'm getting better than you. [...haha]

People, there's a UT only bittorrent tracker in place, use it. It has better potential than DC++. Email me for an invite.

Yesterday, just when I was getting hungry, Tiffany calls me for food. (Actually, I don't know what's up with all these people going by "Tiffany" or some other white name. I think Thao is a lot better than Tiffany). So food was good. I came back to see Taco, BrownPoo, and Fagbin playing NBA street in my room, and also trying to crack my computer's password. haha.

Silly rabbits. No one can crack my password.

Also yesterday, I was sick, so I didn't go to lab, thus, I made up for it this morning. at 930.

I will write more later.

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