09 October 2005


Saturday: I wake up at 930ish.. put my clothes in the laundry, only to realize the machine breaks when my cycle is over. So I had to wait for 3 drying cycles to end (very wet clothes). And I probably won't be refunded.

It's ok. I finally saw Azumi.

Anyway, that's my shitty story for the weekend...

In other news, I finally understand chirality (somewhat) and optical character. Whoo.

The only easy day was yesterday.

-Navy Seals

Guys, look for my article sometime in about a week and a half. It'll probably be either about nanotechnology or "psychology of murder".

I now will ramble controversially. I'm assuming you all heard of the earthquake in Pakistan. Now, I shouldn't be saying this, but maybe, maybe, it's "divine retribution".

I'm hoping this thought will cross through the minds of the many idiots there and they'll stop producing terrorists.

That being said, I don't feel like being blown to bits tomorrow, so please don't set me on fire. (Plus, if you do set me on fire, that will only help my cause more).

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