13 October 2005


I'm not sure if many of you know this, but the next iPod can play videos... confirmed. Now everyone who has been "waiting" to get an iPod is going to rush out and get one. Everyone.. except me.

I'm waiting for the next next iPod. Since Apple has pretty much done everything known to man, the next one will probably mind-control people. Yees... That's the one I want.


Also, I have this nasty sore throat, so stay away from me. Unless you're bringing me food. Singing in the shower also doesn't work when your throat is sore.

Ech. Sore throats hurt. If only someone would take my test, write my paper, do my lab work and.. let me sleep.

Also because of my sickness, I was unable to go to the Einstein play. I'm a little sad.

I saw the trailer for "The Excorcism of Emily Rose" yesterday, and I'm freaked out. Can't close my eyes in the shower.. can't close my eyes period.. must keep them open so I know when the demons are coming.

Ok. I've probably disturbed some of you. Toodles.

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