30 October 2005

double fun!

I saw the movie "Shinji ten no Amijima" or "Double Suicide". I thought it was kind of slow at times, but it shows an interesting contrast between duty and emotion. Also, the "hands of fate" were not actually hands, but actual people dressed completely in black (even covered their face) and were moving [things / people's lives / props] around.

How they ended up under the bridge? I have no idea.

I bought two bags of candy for Halloween thinking that little kids would visit my dorm for trick-or-treating, but nope. No kids (I'm not expecting any).

So I have two bags of candy. If you want some, and if I like you, I'll give you some.


still busy. good bye.


PolarisAustralis said...

the sister is back on blogspot
brother beware
oh btw...someone left some weird messages on 1st entry after the most recent one
go chk it out
laters bro
happy halloween
hey and if you have two bags of candy give me some!!!!!

PolarisAustralis said...

haha...very funny...that was a weird guy! stop writing random notes on my blog...geez