12 February 2006


well .. kinda.

Here's the tale:

I went down to 5th floor to get some liquid nitrogen, and I'm happily filling my container when its full and I proceed to shut off the valve. Except, THE VALVE DOESN'T CLOSE. I'm like O SHIT. Since there's liquid nitrogen all over the floor now, and the tiles are cracking and the glue is coming off the tiles.

So I run upstairs to get my graduate advisor:


and he runs down stairs, and gives it a yank and it closes. But by this time, there's liquid nitrogen evaporating all over the floor and the tiles are OFF THE FLOOR. Don't believe me? Go to Patterson, 5th floor and right near the elevator, there's a section of floor with some detached tiles..... I think I spilled something like 5-7 Liters of N2.

Hahah. On the first day of my work... I mess up some tiles. What's up with that? My legs were so frozen by the time this ordeal was over (hello? there was LIQUID NITROGEN SPLASHING ON THEM). You people think Sibera is cold? O damn.

Let's see... the coldest place on earth is Antartica, at [ -89 degrees Celsius]. Liquid nitrogen boils at 77K which is [-196 degrees Celsius]. And that's boiling temperature, when it turns to gas. When it's a liquid, its more than 2x colder than Antartica.

Now imagine that falling on your shoes (which are about ... say 5 cm thick?). Whew. Cold. Brr.

とても寒いだったね。As you can see... I'm learning plain form. Hah. Probably, most of you can't read it though.

Aditya opens his mail and gets a valentine. I open mine, and it's empty. HEY. IF I DON'T GET ONE BY THE 14TH I'M GOING TO BURN JESTER DOWN..

Well. Maybe I'll just dump some mercury into the water supply. hehehe. I'm going to get arrested for saying this, homeland security is going to be on my ass soon.


You know what's a good song? "Green Eyes" by Coldplay. I wanted to upload some songs, but I can't upload copyrighted material, sorry. If you message me, I will send it.

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