15 February 2006

Yeah! + Nyquil = [nothing]

Finally. I didn't eat anything until about 4:30pm today. By that time, my stomach was like:

GROIEORIWUOEIJOIJAOPIJWDOIJGROEIJGOPWIEJ. There were probably some M's in there too.

Then at 7 or so, I went down and got some free ice cream. Note: I will always talk about when I get free stuff. Free food is so awesome. Not that I can't afford food, it just tastes better when you don't have to swipe your card for it.

It gets better. At the end of this 'free food session', I took 2 gallons of root beer. hahaha.

I'm starting to think this iPod video is not as useful. I don't have time to watch videos on it, I only use it for music hmmm....

Also, there are people on DC who spend their lives on it. I think this is the only time I'll talk about them since I don't want to get my computer hacked (not like they can, anyway).. tsk tsk tsk. Ok. There's their 4 seconds of fame.

By the way, you know what Nyquil is? HORSE TRANQUILIZER. I will now post a series of pictures to help you understand.


Btw. This horse is NOT dead. It is merely SLEEPING. (in a very dead.. like state).

Now that you know what it does to horses, think about what happened to me when I took it?

Slept for 9+ hours, was drowsy through Quantum, Organic II, and Japanese, and took a nap in the afternoon, and I'm about to go to sleep (2 hours before my bedtime).

Good god.
Again, Nyquil is horse tranquilizer

Oh as a side note, I was looking for horse pictures. The horse picture posted (the alive one), his name is ALI JAMAAL. HAHAHA

WHO names their HORSE Ali Jammal? DEATH TO THAT HORSE.


rob said...

what did i tell you about the video ipod, sir?

rob said...


anonymous said...

video ipods rule...u just don't have time for them...and since when do u know the difference between "ugly girls" and "pretty girls"????

hahaha...that's right...i sometimes waste my time to read ur silly doodles...tsk..tsk