22 February 2006


ok. I don't like phone calls. Especially in the next couple of days, no one call me. Restrain from doing so. If you need communication, email me, and if I feel like responding, I will.

Next available time for calling... Tuesday afternoon next week.

Oh here is a typical quantum lab convo

TA: This is 15 pages long, single spaced.
Me: Yes. I know.
TA: Double space it next time please.
Me: I have to cross the limit of 15 pages...
TA: UHH urrr ahrrr uhh ok then single spacing is fine
Me: That's what I thought.


Me: Do we get extra credit if we turn it in early?
TA: Maybe. I'll sleep on it.
Me: Maybe? awesome.

So now, I'll just do it early, turn it in, and make him feel guilty for not giving me extra credit, forcing him to give me extra credit.

Yesterday, during Iverson's review, a balloon came down from the ceiling (I don't know where it came from) and Iverson wrote an answer to the test question on it, and let it hover upwards.

10 minutes later, it comes down again, and someone yells "ALKANE WITH A BR GROUP ON THE END"

So there you have it. That's an answer to a test question. Organic test tomorrow will be hard.

After that, I'll be a little free Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning, I'm going jogging - who's with me?

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