27 February 2006

the little man in my head

The little man in my head says that "Hey. There are people who have not yet done the Franck-Hertz experiment!"


"Hey! SURF applications will be up for next year as well!"

Thus, I have decided to take down the two links. If you want copies, ask me (email)

Also, I have almost finished converting my Franck-Hertz report into Latex format (so awesome)

Java applets suck.

Ricin? RICIN? hahaha. awesome.

Apparently, Taiwan has yet to catch on....

Come on, Taiwan. It's not Ricin. Interestingly enough, 3 weeks ago, we had a lecture on managing Ricin in Bio Seminar. Did you know the KGB used to use it as an assassination agent?

It was called the "Umbrella Murder". Agents put Ricin into the tip of an umbrella, gently pricked someone, and he died. Here, read about it on CNN.


"One of the most notorious acts of assassination during the cold war"

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Sue Brettell said...

I have just published a blog about the Umbrella Murder at http://umbrellamurder.blogspot.com

Sue Brettell