09 February 2006

Another dorm story.. and something weird is going on....

2) Showers. There are 4 shower rooms in the bathroom (one of them is a tub). Out of the other three, two suck. Do the math. ONLY ONE GOOD SHOWER. It's a race to get there first. Not a running race.. its a "who can wake up first" race. Of course, I usually win this one. But lately, someone is in there before me, so I have to wake up earlier and earlier to take a nice shower.

Maybe I'll just sleep in the shower. Also, its best not to anger anyone on your floor. If you make them angry, they might steal your towel and clothes when you're in the shower. That means you have to run naked back to your room. No, it hasn't happened, but I'm sure it will someday.

It's ok. I have contingency plans ready - such as removing the shower curtain. You have to think of these plans ahead of time, otherwise you'll panic when your clothes/towel are gone and lose all logic.

Now, What is this weird thing that's going on? I'm going to watch TV. YES TOTEMO WEIRD.
Anyone that knows me knows I barely have time for TV. So either:

1) I've lost my mind

2) I have lots of time.

Those two phrases kind of rhyme. There must be a poetic component to my writing. Oh Wow. It's time to "prepare for smallville". By getting food. Maybe I'll hunt down Mr. Chan in JCL who is getting food as well. And who left those vulgar comments recently.

Damn you Mr. Chan.


BSUID=1 said...
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rob said...

oh hi2u that was me lawl