03 February 2006


I saw Munich today. Anyone seen it yet? It's an ok film, but... there is a strong jew bias. Unwarranted. It made me remember Peter Jennings, the most badass of all journalists.

A lot of people say the holocaust never happened. I agree. I mean come on. Lots of people died, yes. But history is full of massacres and they don't have special names...

Japan invades China, [no name there]. Mongols kill a lot of people. [no name there]. Hitler kills some pussy jews [HOLOCAUST]..

It was a good movie, but the jews are messed up. Also, they should increase the interest rates in the bank. I got my interest dividend and it was only 3 dollars. THREE DOLLARS OF INTEREST? WTFFFFF

My essays are complete. I will post them soon. Everyone at UWC likes them... which means they're not absolutely all crap.

[yawn]. I'm going to sleep soon. Someone leave me some messages..

Sometimes I think I probably should not sit next to my friends in my classes. They can be distracting at times, with their uncivility and all.

haha. I didn't say that. Now everyone go download "I am..." [Ramon Zenker] mix.

If you're lazy, I'll put it up later.

Now enjoy Munich.

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