08 February 2006

Dorm Stories

some stories from the house of horror:

1) For the last couple of days, it's been really cold in my room. When I say really cold, I mean "In the middle of winter, my air conditioning is on". About a week ago, it was really hot. So I called the maintenance people, and I guess they thought I wanted to be cold, so they switched the heating off, and turned the air conditioning on. HEY MORONS. ITS THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. PLEASE DON'T TURN MY HEATING OFF.

Well. It's not like they visit this blog. But seriously, who turns heating off in the middle of winter. Anyway. I didn't know they turned the AC on, so I was like hmm. It is cooler in here. Then it just kept getting colder and colder. There's a thermostat in my room, and I set it to 85 degrees. (pretty warm, I think).

Ha! That thermostat controls my room, the outside hallway, and another guy's room. 2 days after I turn the temperature up, my room is still cold, and they guy in the other room is like "MY ROOM IS BURNING". Then I was like "MY ROOM IS FREEZING".

This was 3 days ago. They were supposed to fix it yesterday morning, but no one ever came. Damn it. It's still cold. I spent all of Monday trying to thaw myself.

2) Guess what guys. I got keys. :]. Nuclear Seminar is.. so easy. What's going on in that class? We show up and we talk about ... random things for an hour. Same thing happens in the first 20 minutes of Math Modeling.

Last time the question was "What did you do last summer?" posed by my math teacher.

Sometimes, it seems like I'm answering the same question twice.

"夏に何をしましたか。" Says my Japanese teacher. [What did you do last summer?]

It feels wierd.

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