05 February 2006

More stuff,

Finally took a burden off my back today..

I know the blogger website has been acting funny, but what can I do? It's a free service (no ads either!)

So I took a good analytical look at the girls I've liked, and they all wear slacks. Or like to wear slacks. Slacks are awesome.

Today was a little relaxing. It's wierd because when everything is calm, you ask "I wonder what's wrong today...."

Anyway. Valentines day is coming up. .. Should I say it again? Valentines day is coming up. [someone send me one please]. haha

or not.

I finished watching all of Densha Otoko over the last 3 weeks. Ahaha. We all know someone like that.

You know that one commercial for ROKR where the guy is listening to music and his shadow is dancing? I was like that today. In the elevator. Where no one was there. I just started jamming like I had a guitar. Then, just before the door opened, *ahem* and I straightened my shirt, and walked out.

It felt good though. I may LOOK calm, but there's a party in my head. Round the clock WILD PARTY.

ok time for sleep.

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