25 March 2006

Yes. As promised.


On PRC (Pickle Research Campus), there's a nuclear power plant. And I got to see it. Very cool, but it wasn't on.. (wtf).

But the main part is, before Landsberger began the tour, he said "there will be juice and cookies in the end". Nevertheless, I could not think about anything else.

YES. Nuclear reactors are cool BUT I want cookies. Always. Anything sweet. I feel a little bad for eating like 10 cookies. If there are free cookies, I am there. dokodemo ii des.

There was this one part where Landsberger says "see the water? that means you're safe. but if you dive into the tank and swim to the bottom, you won't get there. your body will disintegrate before reaching the bottom"

Everyone goes. "oooh.". Also, he was giving the tour to two potential graduate students, one of which was... lets just say he had a little TOO MANY cookies over the last.. 20 years.

Anyway, after the tour ended, he goes "Man. I need a nap or something. Dr. Landsberger, is there a couch somewhere here?".

Then Landsberger says "No... and you're not done either... only the undergraduates can leave". At this point, I grabbed 2 cookies and headed for the door.

So I had organic lab this morning. I dunno why everyone says "CLASS ON SATURDAY ZOMGS THAT SUCKS".

It's not that bad. Actually its kind of relaxing. Plus Patterson is really close by, so I can go and have coffee and work (play) with dangerous chemicals. I will take pictures of these chemicals someday when I borrow (steal) Robert's camera.


Dev said...

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Dev said...

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shinigami said...

I wasn't invited on the trip out to the nuclear reactor? Bastard.