08 March 2006

Hobo in organic

Ok... more organic stories.

My organic chem class is pretty full, so we have to get there early to get good seats. And by good seats I mean 3 seats next to each other so the Dash-Cheung-Lee trio can be one.

Anyway, today I walk in and the only 3 seats I find is in this one row... with a hobo.. hahaha

He was sleeping when we first got there, like not a "nice" kind of sleeping. He had his legs up on the chair and he was sleeping very soundly for the amount of noise in the room.

He wakes up when class starts and soon we realize... A FUNNY SMELL. PLEASE TAKE A SHOWER, HOBO.

Also, he started eating weird things during class. So we had to put up with the smells of bananas, sandwiches, and a hobo not taking a shower. I mean come on, he was eating a MEAL during class. wtfff

Very strange hobo. I wish I had a camera to take pictures of random people like that.

Also, cynthia is going to be in the hospital until friday. Brackenridge room 810. I might go tomorrow morning or something. Of course, she might beat me for waking her up early like that.

And now, for some practice.


Interesting eh? I think I have progressed a bit. I remember in the beginning of last summer, I was like "Konnichiwa has FIVE syllables? HOLY S***. I DIDN'T KNOW THAT". And now, I can do relative clauses and stuff like that.

lol. I probably said that wrong.

I'm reliving some old music. Such as the Jurassic Park soundtrack. Ahh the good days, when Speilberg didn't make movies about Jews. oops. I said Jew.

Tomorrow : Why the Holocaust never happened. [whoa. bold claim eh?]

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