04 March 2006

A whole lot of nothing

A day in the life of....[me..]. Here is a short chronicle of what happened.

730AM - Wakeup, mull around in bed for 30 minutes. I think this part is one of the highlights. Just sleeping in bed with eyes open thinking.. "If I wanted to, I COULD go back to sleep".

8AM - Shower, etc, etc. The usual.

837AM - Time to go to class.

9AM - Lab starts

1PM - Lab ends.... (4 hours later..)

1:10PM - There's some festival in UT today, a bunch of little kids are running around. Relatively, I'm about 4 times taller, and I walk fast. I felt like I was going to run over some kids. Then I saw Christian and them at the Ant booth, and I jacked some food - 2 bags of chips, two cookies and a coke to be exact. I think they were saving it for me.

1:20PM - Head over to Patterson. Today was different from the usual lab work. I was plating bacteria today. Interesting? I think so.

See, the bacteria live on the surface of the ant, so when you first take the ant out, you have to kill it, so they don't move around when you're trying to scrape the bacteria. Of course, with so much ethanol around, it's interesting to let the ants sip ethanol from the end of a tweezer, and get drunk..

Yes. So I inebriated 4 ants today. They walk funny when drunk too!

Also, I witnessed how strong ants are. We always see these things as carrying watermelons (in cartoons) and stuff, but perhaps it's not that far off. When I was trying to feed it ethanol, the ant would bite the end of the tweezer. It's not hard to yank the tweezer from its jaws, but you can really feel how strong they are. Same with their legs. Wow.

So 4 ants later, it was around 4:30PM

5PM - Head over to my room, check on my computer (remember my computer bag broke.. so it has been sitting in my room).

6PM - Go to HEB with Tiffany. HEB is a difficult place to shop. Sometimes I think communist places are easier because they tell you what to eat. I go to HEB, and I'm like... what... groceries... do... I... need.

So what did I buy?
3 Oranges
Bag - o - grapes
Maple Syrup covered cinnamon rolls
and... tortillas.

So I got back around 7:20PM.

And I've been doing homework since then.

Yep. A whole lot of nothing.

I think I'm going to change my layout of this blog soon. Perhaps over spring break

Oh yeah! This is the last week before spring break. That should be nice. I need a break... to catch up on work..lol

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