23 March 2006

two greatest movies of all time.

I don't have much to say. And I don't want to dissappoint by not posting. So here goes.


You're probably not surprised. Of course, this movie is like absolute inspiration for me. Some people think he's not worth it, as in he kinda threw his life away for a better understanding. But I think it's so totally worth it. Plus, guess what he gets in the end?

Yep. This awesomeness comes in multiple flavors: Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Literature, Peace, and Economics. Hot. Very hot.

Doesn't come in BUSINESS flavor... hmm I wonder why...

And the final greatest movie....
YES! Both films are related by a common theme. And no, it's not new theories. Think about the theme (and why people get the beloved prize.)

Bah. Saddening kinda. I don't have any of these DVD's, so if anyone gets any of them for me, that would be awesome. Of course, if anyone gets me that round golden thing in the middle, (really), that would be even more awesome.

And now for food. Possibly the only thing that slows me down these days, along with my need for sleep.


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