16 March 2006


Today during shadowing, there was this guy with a huge gash on his leg. Now, that's not a new thing, but he looked pretty young, so I looked up his information on the computer. He was younger than me! (by a couple of months). I felt a little old. Also, he had been smoking for 10 years.

That means he was smoking when he was 9.
1/2 a pack a day.
Down the drain. up in smoke. Whatever you want to call it.

Made me feel old. and healthy. Also, he was not in college. Teenagers who are working for a living and not in college tend to have tattoos and smoke. That is my prejudiced banter for today.

The drug reps came yesterday (to sell some product to the doctor). You know what this means. Yes. That's right folks. Free food. Not only "food", free MEAL.

Well not just any meal. GOOD MEAL. It keeps getting better, huh? See, there are only about 8-9 people working there, but the drug people brought food for 20 people. TWENTY.

So after I got the first share, the doctor was like "Have some more!". I was like... もちろ!。

I had like huge pieces of turkey, potato salad, peach cobbler, cole slaw, iced tea. so awesome. And today, I had a million doughnuts. Wah. I think I've had only 2 meals at home over the last two days.

On another note, I was talking to this girl and suddenly she said "daisuke". Of course, it too me a little while to realize she was otaku. Because all the otakus say daisuke instead of daisuki. I proceeded to click the little X that closes the chat window. Let us proceed to beat the otakus when I return to UT.

\\-Just One more - もう一度。

Tiffany was supposed to give me a ride back but she had to go back for work. Normally, that would be ok, but most of that money is going to go to expensive seafood anyway. I feel like I've been shortcutted for seafood.

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