26 March 2006

The christians are back


"Resurrection week" is going on in front of Gregory. The Christians are back out again. It's not such a bad thing. Believe whatever you want, that's cool.

Just don't get in my way. But today I like them. You know why? They gave me coffee. Not only that, they said FREE COFFEE 24/7 this week!.

Hey anyone want to like get together and hang out and leech coffee? Awesome.

You know, a lot of people hate other religions and stuff. The Christians hate the Muslims, the Muslims hate the Christians and the Jews. The Hindus (kind of) hate the Muslims. etc etc. - Buddhists don't hate - w00t.

Just ... stop trying to convert each other. Some people like blue, some people like green. Whatever. There are much bigger problems than who believes in what god or whatever.

For example - an incomplete list of problems:

  • blind people
  • cancer
  • different diseases
  • problems like "Why is the charge on an electron 1.6e-19 coulombs?"
  • the lack of Korean movies I have not seen (big problem)
  • the cute twins on 5th floor that don't yet know me (hahahaha)
  • my lack of a digital camera
  • etc etc.
This has been a boring post. I apologize. BUT! I'll make up for it.

Next Friday: Expose on Research Lab! Complete with pictures and descriptions. In fact. It will be such a long post, I will break it up over 3 days!. 3 days of pictures and fun stuff. Now I have to steal Robert's camera.

Haha. Some guy just came in and dumped all my roommates clothes onto his bed. Lol. Jester is awesome.

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shinigami said...

Strangely, that's how I feel about it. Especially since I'm atheist. That really pisses me off.

rob said...

will you convert from savagery for a free t-shirt?

sikha said...

ai da no koi da no oh no waza to saketeta
furimawasarete nagasare tada kurikaesu
thought its juss foolish
sude ni dareka itta you na dokoka demo mita you na
yarikata de chikazuki sasowarete mo I said "sorry boy..."