13 March 2006

Driving, shadowing, and the quiet birthday.

Facebook does wonders. In fact, it can do the wonder of NOT doing wonders. I took my birthday off facebook and everyone forgot.

In order of wishing [today]
1. Jonathan Lee / Jenny (~1am)
2. Mom (~6am)
3. Dad (~7am)
4. Uncle (~7am)
5. Dr. Applewhite and his posse(~7am)
6. Theresa Cheung (~2pm)
7. Kelli Kong (~3pm) <-- 5 years in a row. Impressive.
8. Diane Shao (~3pm)
9. Sikha Naik (~4pm)

I'm not including those who wished yesterday, but include Vivian Lee (and probably some other people).

And the day is not yet over. Get your chance!! Of course, 0.3% of the world has a birthday right now, so I guess mine isn't that important. But if you forget, you will be on the hate list, and I will hate on you for a couple of months. ha

Did I mention how much I love driving? First time I took my car out this break was this morning, during "rush hour". Speeding, traffic violations, jackrabbit starts... for the first minute. I don't want to kill my car, you know.

It was nice though. A V6 handles very nicely.

So shadowing. First Day. Interesting, yes. As always, Dallas has a good share of crazy patients. One patient was smoking a cigarette every 15 minutes. That's $400 a month in the AIR. Another thought he was in a mental institution. Perhaps he should have been.

So far, it has been quiet. I was going to take the Dart Light Rail and just roam around Dallas for my birthday, but I would probably feel really guilty about wasting time like that. Imagine if people stopped working on their birthday COMPLETELY. I bet the world would come to a halt.

Now Movies.

Crash - after months of hearing about it I finally saw it, and it was good. But there were no Asians in the whole racism thing. (as is expected.... :D)

A Boy Who Went To Heaven - Korean? You guessed it. I liked it, but I can't say much about it (a boy goes to heaven...).

She's a little ....err.. There are better looking actresses in South Korea.

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