05 March 2006

New Movie!

Wah. I haven't watched a full movie in a while. A WHILE.

Anyway. It was worth it. Perhaps you guys should check it out. - I have it.

I freaked some people out today. It was interesting to see the looks. They had all these strange questions. Guys! It's just an efficient way of making the best decisions.

Japanese test on Tuesday - shouldn't be that much of a problem.

Here is the short list-o-things to do this week:

  • Drogas
  • Applewhite gift/email
  • Quantum homework
  • Organic homework
  • Math models homework
  • Organic Stilbene lab write up
  • Organic lab - prep write up
  • Japanese draft
  • 日本語のテストがあります。ちょっと勉強する。
  • Kanji review
  • Lab safety meeting
Of course, when I say short, I mean I can finish all of the weeks' work in a day. THAT's short. Awesome. A nice relaxing week before spring break. Naturally, anything may pop up at any time.

Can't believe it's already March.. hmm.. I remember March being important somehow....

^.^ = dog
^v^ = parrot?
^*^ = airplane?
^~^ = ?

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your b-day is next week and mine is the 21st.

sikha said...

your b-day and my b-day :D

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