07 March 2006

Cynthia , the substitute , and Landsberger continues to cuss.

Ok Lots of stuff.

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1 - Primero - Ichi - Ek

On Saturday, Cynthia was in a car with (I think) 4 other people w/o a seatbelt, and someone cut them off when they were entering Interstate35, and their car spun 3 times and flipped over. Cynthia was thrown from the seat because the door came open (no seatbelt). Nevertheless, she is very lucky to have escaped with minor abrasions and a cracked vertebrae.

Of course, many people will say "thank god she survived". Um wait a minute. If "god" caused her to live, then he probably caused the accident too. Anyway. Buddhists rock. One more thing, if you're in the hospital, and you get better, it's the DOCTOR not some divine being that cured you.

I went to see her Monday and she was fine - as in... talking a lot. Of course, I have complete faith in the medical services, although Brackenridge hospital is nothing like Medical Center of Plano or Presbyterian Hospital of Plano. Oh and Plano is getting a Children's Hospital. A big one. Awesome. (http://www.childrens.com/).

2 - Dos - Ni - Do

I had this weird substitute today for math models. He was really excited. He'd ask a question, and then pause. When someone meekly said the answer, he'd go YES OF COURSE YES YES YES. I was freaked out. Also, I could not study for my Japanese test because of his enthusiasm. [please refer to my schedule for times]

Speaking of which, I'm not sure how I did on that one.

3 - Tres - San - Tiin

Today in nuclear seminar, after class ended, Landsberger started cussing.

Landsberger - The Indians and Chinese are STEALING OUR JOBS

Me - Um... Umm... [Do I leave or what?]

Landsberger - My son started complaining, " 'Daddy, all the Korean kids study a lot more', Then I said, "No f***ing shit, son, you think they want to go back to North Korea?"

Me - Um.. Umm... Koreans are good looking. [Of course, I was thinking this]

lol.. Very interesting. I was going to post some pictures, but blogger picture service is not working.

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