21 May 2006

Back in A-town + Lab Expose Part 3.

UPDATE: Pictures have been added. Bon Appetit.

See that big machine next to the window? HITACHI ABI3100. Genetic sequencer. Upon seeing this picture, ability to perfectly use this machine can replace Fourier Transforms on the "Requirements to be kickaess" list. No lab is complete without a bottle of Smirnoff for those days that the reactions don't work. And trust me there are quite a few. Ironically, everything on that shelf is ethanol. One for human consumption, the other for DNA extraction. A little bit of alcohol goes a long way. Below the shelf of Ethanol, a keen eye will notice the initials DD. Those are my samples. Most of those on that shelf did not work, but then again, this picture was taken a while ago. Quite possibly, this is one of the many reasons why you should never piss me off. Trust me, you'll never know what hit you, and death will come slowly. Of course, I will be doing the henious act either listening to Eurobeat or Aqua. Also, if you are dying because of this, please use your last bits of energy to imagine me chair-dancing to Eurobeat.


You know that song by Usher? (Yeah)

A Town's Down!

Another Ranting Session:

Seriously. A-town sucks. I got here and this morning I tried to go to Wal-Mart to get a sunshade for my kuruma and it took me 20 minutes to find it. The ROADS aren't labeled. Roads are curvy all the time, unlike Plano, where everything falls in a nice grid. Yeah I bet Japanese people get confused when they come to Austin and people tell them an address and they go "ROADS HAVE NAMES?" and then they can't find the name, because this armpit of a town is too lazy to do anything except host live music.

Wal-Mart. I went into Wal-Mart and I usually don't have to say this about Walmart, but some people really do need to dress up for walmart. Coming in 30% naked is kind of "makes me want to run away". Plus I kept worrying that some Mexican would bang up my bling-bling car. That's a bad feeling.

That's another thing. Live Music? That's the most retarded thing ever to be known for. HEY GUYS SXSW. Reminds me of Larry the Cable Guy.

If you haven't already put it together, I string these concepts in my head:

Larry the Cable Guy--Rednecks--Lack of education--Uncivility--SXSW--Hick Accents--40% of Austin.

Usually towns are known for more important things-

Dallas: Telecom Corridor (well Richardson, but DFW tends to promote this at times)
Houston: MD Anderson Cancer Center
Eastern Seaboard: Victorian-style campuses
Western Seaboard: Lots and lots and lots of good looking girls.
Austin: Unlabeled roads and live music. <-- Tard.

Live music is what keeps the hippies going, giving them reason to live, and donations (for alcohol) from people that pity them. Please beat your fellow hippie.

DFW. Yes. Another can-o-worms. Fort Worth is another armpit of a town. Originally, there were two airports because armpit-FW didn't agree to a joint one, then there was a joint called DFW, when in fact Dallas-Richardson-Plano probably get about 60-80% of the traffic. I say we rename that airport.

Pictures. Yes, I ran out of bandwidth, but if you check later tonight, I will post some (from Smriti's place). Yeah and I can get no work done there because its kind of nasty everywhere.

Oh and I'm kidding about the carcinogenic substance. I wouldn't hurt a fly. I think.

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viv said...

where'd you get the smirnoff? thought u dont drink.