28 May 2006

Ok! Back in Austin

After a short Memorial day weekend, we're back in Austin. (we?)

Of course, I have some reading to do, and that can't happen at Smriti's place, since it's so dirty, and I have no time (or patience) to clean it.

Thus, after dropping off my foodstuffs, I'm back in lab... yah.

On my way here, there are lots of interesting things, especially through Waco. Waco sucks. It's so dirty. I had some interesting quip, but now I can't remember. Of course, there are lots of cows. Lots of cows. I wonder when people will stop acting like cowboys. People are going to defend them, saying someone has to do their job, but I didn't see any milk hoses attached to them...

Unless they were going to...


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