06 May 2006

Lots of stuff.

Last day of classes was today. Quantum ended in a whimper. In Organic, we just sang songs for the entire period. On hindsight, it was a little strange. In Japanese, we played a game.

You know, it's very rare in college to have woman teachers, who are usually much much kinder and they're always smiling, so the classes make you feel more relaxed, so it's nice. I guess that's why I like Japanese. Well, I guess Japanese with a male teacher would be ok, only if he was like Hattori Hanzo or something. :D

Eh. I'll miss that class. It's a good thing all the Japanese teachers are female, because I use those classes to relax. [knock on wood...]

Speaking of classes, one of my goals when I finish my undergraduate work, is that I should be able to lecture Physics in Japanese. How awesome would that be? I would be the ultimate badass. haha

\Also, I'm convinced that every once in a while, my brain turns off, and I become retarded. I broke my phone this last week. Guess how? Not by dropping it or anything like that (because that would too normal...). I RAN INTO A TABLE. How retarded is that?

Accidentally, but still, I ran into a table, and my phone's outer LCD cracked. Oh well, one my friends in Japanese lent me a phone until I go home.
\So this is what happened today - I was working on my lab report until around 3:30AM, when I went to sleep until about... 8:30AM. Then woke up --> shower --> Quantum --> Organic --> Japanese, then turned in my lab report, turned in my math models paper, and came back to watch...

I had this craving to watch some kind of zombie movie. THIS MOVIE IS THE MOST GODAWFUL DISGUSTING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. Just so that last comment has some validation, here's a list of things that I have seen (IN REAL LIFE):
  • Gun-shot exit wounds the size of tangerines
  • A baby being delivered... multiple times
  • People bleeding out profusely
  • Spine surgery, heart surgery
Just don't watch it. I'm not sure why I even watched it. I usually don't watch zombie movies because they violate conservation principles. These zombies could like... walk in underwater, like walk across a river by walking on the river bed. That's really..really hard to do.

Also, they attack the zombies by shooting fireworks so they zombies get distracted. That's kind of stupid. Who distracts zombies using fireworks wtf.

What else is wrong with zombie movies? Well..
  • Dead people usually have organs and muscles that don't work... so technically, they can't just "wake up" and RUN after someone
  • Zombie movies don't have zombies listening to eurobeat. But now that I think about it.. zombies can't really control themselves, and if you listen to eurobeat its.. rhythmic? I dunno. I don't want to see zombies dancing to eurobeat.
  • Better looking girls. Sometimes, some of the zombies look better than the main (human = hu-mahn) character.
  • Again, the whole conservation thing. Technically, zombies can't find their own food very easily, so all you have to do is lock yourself in a room with lots and lots of sushi (or chicken sandwiches or whatever) and wait like 3 weeks, and they should all be dead.
  • Zombies have blood. Blood has immunoglobulins and T-helper immunocytes and neutrophils and all that good stuff that helps us normal people live. With all those open wounds, they should die in like 2 hours from infection. Yet, they live on <-- wtf?
You don't even have to wait 3 weeks for them to starve, they'll be on the floor in a week or so. Then you can kick them. But if you do, kick the hippie zombies first. <-- They're usually the ones with a guitar. OMG haha. I didn't say that.

Oh and I'm like so happy right now. You know how hard it's raining right now? Here's a picture.

Look closer for 'AUSTIN'. You know what that's called? That's HADOKEN from the skies. I'm going to listen to eurobeat and.. um. get high of all this {rain + eurobeat} awesomeness.

Oh and tell me how my posts are doing. 1-10 integer ratings only plz.

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rob said...

this one's a 9.99, but i'll be a lame english teacher and say there's no such thing as a perfect post though i won't actually bother to actually find something wrong with it