19 May 2006

The quick witted break jumps over the lazy brown student.

Alas. The shortest "summer" break ever is about to end in 2-3 days. Pity? None. Instead, I got a whole lot of hassle*:

1. Registration
Apparently I had forgotten to pay my tuition bill online, and they cancelled all my classes (including Japanese and Nuclear Lab). I was pissed. After one sleepless night, thinking of many many ways to torture the registrar's office, I call them back at 8am in the morning and they say I have to pay by Western Union. So that's how one of my 'break' nights was spent --> panicking over my 'lost' classes.

2. Grey's Anatomy.
This damn torrent is not going fast enough. I finished season 1 of Grey's Anatomy, and dare I say, one of the first medical dramas I actually like very much. I will be burning these to DVDs and I encourage all of you to watch this. Also, surgical interns are so awesome. If I wasn't going [again, hopefully] the research route, I would so try to be a surgeon.

3. The Korean Movies
I have so many! Hard to pick what to watch next. O well. More are on the way, making this decision even harder. So much to do, so little time.

4. My Temperature Sensitivity
I realized something. Quite astonishing actually. Most things slow down when they get colder. Like Absolut** Zero, molecules stop vibrating, and nothing moves anymore. I'm the opposite. I work fastest in colder temperatures, so dare I say, Limit [t --> 0 Kelvins], Productivity --> infinity. So true. Turn that shitz down, and I'll work like crazy. Turn the A/C off, and I sleep like a lazy brown student. This is part of the reason why Blogging has been so infrequent.

This reminds me, Sean Paul came out with that song called Temperature? I think I talked about this before. Man that song is awesome, although I usually don't listen to crude music.

See how fast he's dancing? If it was cold like that, I would dance like that too. So there ya go. You guys think I'm a bad dancer? Well. Turn down the heat, and feast your eyes.

5. The Chinese Drivers
Please stay off the road. One almost ran me over, and another one was going so slow. Chinese people can't drive. And what's with these people buying Fords and other great American catastrophes? Stick to what works guys, Land Rover, Honda, Toyota, M&M**. Kudos to who can identify what the last one means (no trick. It IS a vehicle company, and comment your answer for the world to see.)

Absolutely Beautiful.

6. Finally, every thing is settled. All my grades are in, and I'm pleased with this semester. Now for the summer.

*May not be actual hassles.
**Not a typo.

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