27 May 2006

Yeah... back in Plano

With their brand new time transporter
They’ll think maybe I fought to get away
But with all their great inventions
And all their good intentions, here I stay
Down on the corner where the sun had shone
The people gathered round
Then scattered as the raindrops hit the ground.

Yeah. I received order from Imperial Command late Thursday night, so I'm in Plano now. I guess I'll have to resume my date later. lol.

On the drive to Plano, I was feeling very dizzy (4 hours of sleep the night before). So apparently Sum41 and those others were not working. I seriously had to change tracks.

Here are the three albums that finally got me going:

Since I can't do any work at home ever because it's so distracting, I'm going to watch a Korean movie.

Of course, then I started looking for korean movies, and I found this:
To which Smriti says - "she looks cute"


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