02 May 2006

Now usually.....

UPDATE: Blog layout changed. Of course, I was listening to "Night of Fire" while doing this, so it may not be 'complete'.

Usually I don't repeat myself, because it's not necessary. But today, I have to.


Yes. We need to beat them and slap them over:

You have seen these particular sequence of images before.

There's a certain hippie I know and he really needs a severe ass-kicking. DIE HIPPIE DIE.

Yesterday I was walking back to Jester from RLM, and I over heard two girls talking:

Girl 1: OMG Girl, you've got to stay in fashion design!! Why are you transferring out?
Girl 2: I dunno, I just don't feel right...
Girl 1: NO!!! Stay in fashion design and MARRY A RAPPER!
Girl 2: Yeah! Yeah, you're totally right, I should stay in fashion design and marry a rapper!

At this point, I quickened the pace and moved on. Perhaps I should have lingered. I really need a voice recorder to chronicle my interesting (and boring) life.

ok. Back to the hippie. Ever know people that are so so.. retarded that you want to feel sorry and beat them at the same time? Of course, I do not want to sound pretentious, but I think I deserve a shard of respect. Just a little bit.

I bet most of you know who this guy is.

Anyway, Jonathan, thanks for laughing at my test grade. But you know, the universe works in funny ways.

Yesterday also marks the first time I did worse on a Japanese quiz than an organic test. I think I have somehow um. gone crazy.

Japanese quiz - 18/20 -> 90% (damn u furigana)
Organic test - ____ -> 97.83%

Ahh yes. My presentation. I don't think it went so well, but we'll see.

Here they are.



Enjoy! - They are extremely nerdy.

Tomorrow, I will be posting my paper for nuclear seminar. Or Today, depending on what I feel like.

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