23 May 2006

Ugh. So much coffee.

I've had so much coffee today, I think I'm going to pop. Caffiene is a diuretic, so I'll probably be peeing like a racehorse all night. Speaking of which, I'm living alone right now in Smriti's apartment, and it's pretty scary at night. I refuse to go upstairs when it is dark. Who knows what might be hiding up there.

It seems that everyone else is doing absolutely nothing, while I'm still working. Even in research lab, I pass people and they're... watching TV or a movie or looking for STAR CHARTS to impress their girlfriends with, but no one is running any reactions, well except me. I also have a RADIATION PROTECTION LAB CLASS to worry about. Sometimes I think... If all this beating myself doesn't go anywhere, a lot of people are going to suffer, I mean.. savor... life.

Of course, this is good for me since the PCR machines are all free and I don't have to use that ridiculous ghetto piece-of-paper waiting list which people use pencil on so I can easily insert my name anywhere.

Today in lab, the gel electrophoresis buffer solution was running low, so I had to make some. This entails mixing 38.2 grams of BORAX and 10 grams of Boric Acid. The problem is, those things don't dissolve very quickly, so you have to use a spinvane and let it run for a while. Well, I poured all the borax and acid into the 20 liter big container and some water, and I shook it around and it didn't dissolve. The spinvane wouldn't work for the big containers so I had to separate the water and the undissolved borax, and mix them again in a 4 liter container which the spinvane can fit on. Then I had to pour the water back into the big container.

I actually don't expect too many people to understand that, so the take home message is - I think I would go a long way to save water (and borax and boric acid). Needless to say, it took about 3 times longer than normal because I was trying to save water. Oh well, at least I'm being useful right? Everyone else is watching a movie anyway.

I have written too much. Here are some pictures from my visit to the Blanton Art Museum.

Of course, no "modern" art museum is complete without some P.O.S. thing that people call art. Like for example..
What the hell is that? I've peed better designs in the snow than that thing. I'm going to take all my used pipets and throw them in some wet concrete and when it dries, I'll call it "Frustration".

This is a little better, since it probably took more time to create. There's the kicker right there. The longer it took to create, the better piece of art it is! Like a drug. A drug molecule takes 10 years or so to perfect. What an awesome piece of art! Lets put this up a notch. A human being takes... around.. 4 billion years to make (evolution). Even better! Wanna see art? Look at your hands (well.. most people's hands anyway). So ... perfect. Speaking of perfection, look at this:

DNA POLYMERASE. It's so symmetric, so perfect. Moves along in a spiraling fashion at around 2000 nucleotides per second. PER SECOND. We have billions of these! Picasso my ass.

Some more abstract things I don't understand.
This is a little better. I kinda like this one. An intriguied, curious expression envelops her face.

Remember when I burned my leg with the boiling water? Well I had this ghetto card made for me. I was going to post this a couple of days ago. Look how many people signed it. I need more friends...

Speaking of people... I had an interesting evening last night. Details tomorrow.

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rob said...

A human being takes... around.. 4 billion years to make (evolution).

more like God made him instantly
and hes been around unchanged for 6000 years

cry more nub