03 May 2006

Something weird

something weird happened today.

So I went down to this "study for finals" meeting in the Jester West lobby, and naturally, we were only there for pizza, not "finals" tips.

So I grabbed a slice and a coke and I finished it really quickly and started heading for the elevator. When the door opens, I feel this HUGE BURP coming up, and I just let it out, and some girl was standing right there. Then I was like "oh. Pardon me" in the most pretentiously-British accent ever. Here is a recount:

[ding! goes the elevator]
Me: [looking at the door as it opens] BRRAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUU *pop*
Girl: .....
Me: Oh pardon me. [The name's Dash..]
[Girl hastens away]

She was probably gagging though. I was too traumatized to look.

Yes. I burped in someone's face today, and I've been feeling strange for a while. I feel bad kinda.
Oh and there's another elevator story!

I was waiting for the elevator, and some girl was waiting too. Then it comes, and I get in and I go.. "don't you want to get in?" [ha..ha..stfu]. Then she says "No.. that elevator is kinda creepy, it got stuck on 3rd floor for like 3 minutes"

?? I was like.. uhh whatever. Man she was not bad looking either. Perhaps I should have pushed the issue, then the elevator would really get stuck and things would get hot. [or not. haha]

In other news, I calculated Planck's constant to within a magnitude of the accepted value, which is still something like 80% error, but I hear its ok!. Only pretentious departments like chemistry demand +/- 5% error. We physics are perfectly ok with 80%.

Also on one of my handouts, it said plot Ln(I) vs Vm, and I asked a math guy what it meant and... he had no idea how to fix the axes.

Oh and its y vs. x NOT x vs. y.

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