12 July 2006

Early, but get used to daily business.

Another one of the - day in the life of - segments... brought to you by my failing reactions.

0645 - Wokeup.
0645-~0740 - News. Blog. Email. Email. Email... Email. UTDirect. Degree Audit
0745 - Shower
0858 - Clothes, Breakfast
0824 - Head to bus stop. 100 feet from the bus stop, the bus comes and leaves, so add about 15 minutes to that.
0850 - Get to campus. Mull around, do nothing. Email.
1000 - Japanese
1215 - Japanese ends.
1220 - Food
1240 - Back in lab

Then my reactions failed, and I got depressed, so I left. Now I'm here.
\Now I have to find some way to take my government and history classes.

that sucks.

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Viv said...

hi deb, long time no talk