28 July 2006

Fouad Siniora- What's wrong with his face?

I get to rip on an Arab "leader" today.

Fouad Siniora- What's wrong with his face? Look at these pictures. It seems that something is wrong with his face:

It seems he can't help but cricking up the right half of his mouth when he speaks or does anything. This is a definite sign of desendancy from an inferior gene pool (as are most people hailing from that region), and possibly mental retardation.

About Hezbollah, he says "The government considers the resistance a natural and honest expression of the Lebanese people’s national rights to liberate their land and defend their honour against Israeli aggression and threats"

Should'a listened to the UN fool, now Israel is going to own you and your country, while I laugh. Can't keep Syria "out"? Can't rein in Hezbollah? Well, pay the price, fool. Man I hope Israel doesn't stop at 20 years. The Lebanese can live like cavemen for all I care, and I'd probably prefer that. Nothing good has ever come from that region. Even the oil is crude, much like their beliefs and behavior.

Today (or yesterday, rather) was very productive. 嬉しかった。The other day, I was in ME lab, listening to music, and my headphone in the computer was only half way inside, so only one bud was working (and somehow didn't realize it). Anyway, I was happily working when someone taps me and says "Could you turn that down?" ....

I didn't know those machines had built in stereo speakers too. wtf? Anyway, What, you don't like eurobeat? As usual, this is ME lab, so they were probably checking facebook or something. I didn't bother to look. I don't wish to be polluted by those _____.

I actually don't know what to call them. They're not hippies, since they do know some engineering, but still act like hippies. Ideas?

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