24 July 2006

A treatise on ANGER

1. Anger.

Everyone is so angry these days. You go to JCL, and all the workers are so angry, they've become a standard to measure other anger against. JCL must be the most depressing place to work because everyone looks like a bulldog on a short university leash called a jawb. If it weren't for this leash, I doubt many of the business majors would actually survive.

I say business majors, because everyone else is probably nice to them in hopes that they'll change into something like this:Actually, it's probably just me and a couple of freaks. Of course, I can't pretend to know the root of their anger, but honestly, it was probably their own fault.

Just like really poor people that live off handouts. [But wait, what about personal troubles?] This is where I become kind of harsh. If you're angry because someone you know has cancer/TB/mental retardation, I'm sorry. Your anger is justified, but you should probably be working in MBB (with a smile) so the researchers can come up with a cure, and not serving partially sober idiots in JCL. There are times when I'm part of the sober idiots group, i.e. when my coffee wears off or the eurobeat is slowly turned down by a conservative council member.

Enough! Let's cut to the chase. HOW TO CURE YOUR ANGER:

1. Find a love: This is probably the worst, and least efficient way. Sure, it may be quick (maybe not for all...) but will probably end up in heartbreak. The key to not being angry is not seeking happiness, rather, seeking a neutrality in life. Things balance out. For example, if you're really happy that something worked out (i.e. a reaction) then you can be sure that 2 reactions later, it will work too well (i.e. too much good AND bad product) and give large amounts of frustration.

So when something good happens, throw a party- IN YOUR HEAD. Outwardly, you have 3 minutes to grin, after which, grunt once and let it go. But just remember, a party with one person is no fun. But you can't throw outwardly parties. You figure this one out. Also if you're constantly stoic, then people will 1) question you, 2) declare you a mystery, 3) and finally become subservient because one day you might go postal.

2. Find a machine: Machines will never hate you. Like a car, or a laptop. And if anything goes wrong, you always have warranty. That's something extremely puzzling. People never buy warranty but continue to spend lots of money on trivial things (like girls that want expensive handbags). Let's break it down.

Dell e1405 Laptop: Premium warranty for 4 years:
Maintaining a girl for 4 years:
More like $5340. (birthdays, "anniversaries", "random times", etc). This figure is always rising, since gas is getting expensive.

If she complains, just let her use the laptop. She'll understand. If she doesn't, then its time to take the trash out. And no, not literally, morons. (Well.. maybe depending on how you see things).

3. Find a purpose. Usefulness. Be useful. And I won't let my bias get the better of me this time. You don't have to do physics to be useful. You can do chemistry. Or almost anything* in Natural Sciences. :) TALLY HO.

Those are the only viable ways.
I should write something more useful. All these bitter posts are actually not bitter. I am, truly, not 'angry' or 'bitter', just amused by a certain someone that refuses to talk to me. Thoroughly amused. You should know, I don't put up with BS very well. It's not conceited, because I invite people to prove my reasoning wrong (sometimes well done).

And what happened today? Nothing. Ran a gel, will be running a reaction later tonight. Studied some Japanese. (yo ni naru/ yo ni suru).

*: Excludes textiles and douchebaggery (a Theresa trademark)

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