19 July 2006


Yeah. I check my email a lot. Here's the time table. If you send it:

11pm - 9am: I'll get it at 6am.
9am - 10am: Instantly.
10am-12:30pm: I'll get it at 12:35pm
12:35pm-11pm: Instantly. (5-15 minutes lag time)

Today should be a better day. The middle east is getting to be more interesting.



You can always tell when a class is catering to the tastes of society:


Yamamoto: Murayama san!, Do you know where Ms. Brown has gone?
Murayama: No, but a little while earlier, she came and asked where the Miyai Clinic was.
Yamamoto: Miyai clinic? What kind of [health institution] is that?
Murayama: HUZZAH*. You don't know what Miyai Clinic is? It's a famous COSMETIC SURGERY CLINIC.

COSMETIC SURGERY. And this book is a couple of years old too.

*Although the direct translation from あら is "Ara!" (astonishment), it would be more appropriate and probably better understood if a figurative translaiton to HUZZAH was made.

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