20 July 2006


Couple of things.

1. Ever have one of those moments when you're smiling so hard, that you can FEEL it? Yes, it sounds like a totally gay thing to say, but 20 minutes ago, when the waitress was handing me my food at OMA'S KITCHEN in Dobie, I started smiling very noticeably. I'm not quite sure why, but it must be the smell of Korean food that incites this. People gave me strange looks but seriously, it's hard not to smile when the food is that good.

Easily amused? Easily entertained. That's a good thing. I think. No... I know that's a good thing. That's all that is necessary! Just buy me some Korean food from Oma's Kitchen. That brings me to another point. I bet the owners of the restaurant google their name all the time, and when they find this blog, they're in for a surprise! "Who's this freak eating here?"

2. I was riding the bus today, and some construction was going on and the bus driver says "We can't stop here because of construction", and some lady got this bewildered look on her face like she was getting abducted. Anyway, when the bus made the round around the circle, she started freaking out in the middle-age kind of way: "OH MY GOD, Why can't you just stop in the circle?! Is it that hard?"

Just for reference, I will now post a map showing the distances.Approximate distance? 100 meters. Maximum. Jeez! Can't walk 100 meters? God forbid you should fall and break your hip on a plane surface.*

That's the problem with women these days. Too much complaints. (and not enough clothing, but that's for another day -someone remind me.)

A certain someone has written some stuff, and my name shows up, so I have to make a couple of statements:
  1. I don't yell at people. Ever. If I've yelled at you, you must be pretty f***ed up.
  2. When I say leave at time XX:XX, pay close attention...
For example. If I say "We'll be leaving Plano at 7:30pm..", guess what that means? Here's a picture.

  • We: [everyone who is supposed to go]
  • 'll be: A definite future action ("will be")
  • Leaving: Here's where the big arrow comes in, and it's even semi-accurate too. I was going to put it right on top of US75, but the colors end up looking funny.
  • at 7:30PM: AT 7:30. AT. AT. That means, ideally, 730 is when we cross over into backward-but-still-better-than-Austin Richardson.
It's not that hard, and sometimes, I don't use 24-hour time. Yeesss. That thing. The "MINUS 12" thing for tards. All my watches are on 24-hour time. I've actually done the math FOR YOU. Be grateful. Jeebus. In fact, most of the time, I'll do the math for you. It's not so bad.

But in those rare occasions where I do say "We'll be leaving Plano at 1930 hours", you BEST be ready, for if you don't, you will witness (i.e. be the recipient of) one of the most spectacular ass-kickings ever witnessed west of the Mississippi.**

3. Austin.

So today I was in Japanese, and sensei asks: What is famous in Austin? INSTANTLY, like some drugged hippie, I thought of live music. THOUGHT. Then I corrected myself and realized that the hippie speak was invading my head. LIVE MUSIC? I must cleanse myself of this. Anyway, I started to cringe, because someone else would actually say it, and totally ruin my day. But... that didn't happen...

Here's what DID happen: (responses to the question)

1. UT Austin ga yuumei des. (UT is famous). Ok. Yay. You get +5 for not saying live music. (Everytime I think of live music, I think of the proverbial hippie, and how I would run laps around Engineering, Patterson, and RLM just to avoid him).

2. LESLIE COCHRAN. Yes. You know what I was thinking? "Who is this Leslie Cochran person? Must be someone some kickaess professor who saved like 3 million lives but no one knows his tale of struggle" Verbatim.

O boy.


A lot of people actually still think Austin isn't a hippie town, and this is QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE PROOF OF IT. Leslie Cochran is running for mayor. Leslie Cochran is a homeless transvestite.

Leslie Cochran is a homeless transvestite. ...
Leslie Cochran is a homeless transvestite....

How many times must it be said? A homeless transvestite is running for mayor. I want to like hit myself now. This fool actually culled 7.77% of the vote. I'm surprised he didn't round it down to 6.96% or something.

Upon hearing this, the Japanese professor cringed, and proceeded to ignore the person who said this. I, as of yet, don't know who this person is, and that's probably in his best interest.

Also, upon hearing this, I've made this proclamation. I don't think I'm going to UT-Graduation. Here's the plan:

XX:XX - Last final exam (some.. time)
XX:XX + 20 minutes : Say goodbye to Patterson, RLM, steal a PCR machine, etc.
XX:XX + 21 minutes : Get airlifted to Plano. (I'm hoping by this time I'll have a couple of Nature and Science publications, and financial backing of major pharmaceutical companies. Hah. Now that I said it, it's not going to happen. Not that it was going to happen in the first place. But now that I said that it's not going to happen, it m- Hold on. There's a feud in my head I must correct before continuing....)

Well that's what's going on in my world. What's up with yours. Also, I apologize about this long post.

*: If you do, then.. Darwin was right. If you don't, then.. be afraid. Also I'd like to note that I'm getting quite fond of these footnotes. It's almost like inner commentary on my outer commentary. Actually it's exactly like that.
**: I like this phrase. It's from the Wikipedia "Plano Senior High School" article. It has an ambiguous tone to it. Is it a BLACK phrase because MISSISSIPPI is in it? Or is it a WHITE phrase because WEST is in it? No one will ever know.

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