04 July 2006

North Korea is freaking awesome.

Everyone is on a tizzy about this North Korean thing, but seriously, give them some credit. They launch a missle ON JULY FOURTH and ON SHUTTLE LAUNCH DAY. Just like an hour after the shuttle goes up. wow! Nice timing!

Even though the missile failed, it still got a lot of attention, and now everyone is thinking about North Korea instead of July 4. You win! Now send some movies. Korean movies. haha.

Yes. A bunch of hippies are at Zilker Park right now waiting for fireworks but wait! It's raining. Nice one, hippies. I win.

This morning I watched the last Final Destination movie (Final Destination 3). Wasn't really a thriller. I think I only watch it to see how completely retared high school kids go to being experts on things like "DEATH" and "FATE". And when I mean expert, I mean total expert. But the girl was good looking, I think.

Ok! Can't find any interesting pictures... but I will say


has been amusing me for hours.

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not virgin jizz said...

but wait! there were still fireworks. nice one, non-hippie. we're stoned.