05 July 2006

Just a couple of more things before I sign off (for 3-4 days)

So today I turn on the news during lunchtime and I find out that Ken Lay has died. Some life huh? Well, if you read about him, he had difficult beginnings, but at least he won't have to spend 25 years in federal pound-my-ass prison.

That makes me wonder.. was he really guilty? No one goes away that fast.. there was barely any suffering. Huh. Well I'm not one to pass judgements so...yeahhh...

Then I continued to browse around, and I found this : Money Magazine Article

You don't have to read the entire thing... just this part:

Eating out was costing us $1,200 a month.

You're kidding me right? Hey. White people, listen up. This is why 60% of you are overweight. This is why, 10 years ago, I was normal, and now, I'm "below-average" in weight. $1200. Whoo. That's $40 a day. FORTY. You should be like me, and spend $3-4 total on food, a day. Super efficient.

Yesterday, North Korea launched some missiles, and now GITRDONE rednecks in Washington think we're "united" on this issue. Uhh.. no. I'm with the Koreans. Seesh. Aren't there bigger problems in this world?

North Korea hasn't done anything (yet). All those mullas and omars and aljabbars (who incidentally, have all 'your' oil), are harboring all the terrorists anyway. We should go after Saudia Arabia. Leave the North Koreans and their cute chicks alone. :)

Isn't it interesting how a purely political discussion can evolve (!) into an epicurean one?

I was going to post this yesterday but I forgot. Let's compare some leaders.Typical British always have bad teeth.

Yee. Haw. "Lets get dem oil"

Seriously. Elvis wasn't that good. .. Elvis kinda sucks actually.

I thought the Chinese brushed their teeth. Well. Robert does anyway.

You know that punjabi music that plays every morning to wake me up? This guy is composing one right now.

This guy is pretty badass, but probably not as much as the next one. Wow. That stare could kill me.

Finally. The winner. He gets 900 points for those glasses.

I probably won't be posting for a while... I have a final exam in Japanese on Friday and Philosophy Final on Saturday.

ok sankyou happy cherry enjoyment!

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rob said...

i dont brush, i take out my dentures and soak them GITRDONE