30 July 2006

Port-a-potties are scary.

So Friday afternoon, Chan and I decided to go volunteer for HFH.

Yes. 8am Saturday, we were on site, building a house. It was pretty cool actually. At first, I kept looking at my clock (until keitai ran out of batteries). The morning was pretty horrible, it kept getting hotter and hotter.

You know how when people work a lot, this "ring" of sweat forms around their neck? Well. Didn't happen. The most outside work I've ever done is occasional mowing the lawn for 20 minutes. That too, I only do the front side, and take the rest of the day off with Sprite and Korean movies. This was like... 7 hours of work (-1 for food).

Very difficult. It's hard to describe in words, and I should have taken some pictures, but I'm not particularly fond of cameras, so screw that.

The afternoon got a lot better, but I had to use the portapotty. Yes. Shudder. All I could think of was all those people that went before me, and the accumulation of feces*. Thus, portapotties are extremely savage. Here's a tip if you're 'forced' to use one : Don't look down. [Shudder] - and take an adult diaper.

Also, there's this issue:



The afternoon was significantly better, and I got a lot of work in. 3 hours, 2 ibuprofen pills, and 1 drama series completed, I was ready to sleep. A long deep sleep, which brings us to my dreams:

1. I had this dream a couple of nights ago that I was getting out of a white jeep with a blue hat, which I instantly identified with UN. So working for the UN would be pretty awesome. Plus, I really want to ride in a helicopter.

2. Last night's dream, I was talking to an acquaintance long long ago, completely in Japanese and completely fluently. But the only think I remember saying is "mada.. wakarimasen ne". o well. Maybe next time I'll realize that I was talking to a Chinese person and control my dreams to get some countries blown up.


*: The wiki article on feces has a almost-perfect shaped circle/sphere of rabbit feces. Please check it out.

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portapotties aren't savage. they're necessary, useful, and convenient. plus, it's not like you have to sit down.