15 July 2006


Yes. Back in Plano. Not much to write about, except... I need to start looking for a new machine. Also, I went to the mall to buy some stuff (Barnes and Nobles only), only to reaffirm how much I hate that place.

Do you like the mall? You're useless. Simple as that. Not only do malls have larger prices, and smaller selection, they seldom give out free things like Sams gives out free cookies.* And anyone who thinks that the mall is nice place to hang out is f***ing retarded. Main Event is a better place.

A lot of you are probably wondering... "Why.. he never tells this to my face, thus I must be exempt from the above statement." NO. I try to stay nice. But if you ask "Dev, am I retarded for liking the mall" and I stay quiet, you have your answer. Yes. Yes you are retarded. I don't have the heart to tell you, though.

Yeah? Don't hate. And you know it too. Everyone talks about the mall and how there are certain stereotypes exemplified there, but let's make this qualitative. Say they're "400" on the "Tard" scale. By going to the mall and even remotely doing what they do - incessant socialization, window shopping, and acting like 11 year old faggot girls, I'll be conservative, and rank you "0.1" on the Tard scale.

Well guess what. You're still a tard. Maybe a smaller tard, but I'm not going to be caught on that side of the fence; don't ask me to caruse the mall with you. Ever.

That being said, if you want to go B&N, that's ok.

I bought some spark notes, and the guy was like "oof. Looks like a summer of science, I'm sorry". At this moment, I wanted to pummell his cracker-ass into the large shelf of Hustler magazines behind him. "Uhh Excuse me.. Looks like a LIFE of science to me, jackass. Now get up and go get me a coffee, brewed. Not that weaksauce Starshits stuff."

Perhaps I'm bitter. Maybe everyone else is too happy.

*: I have been told that I'm too old to get a cookie, both by my parents and the Sams personnel. Yet as long as I have a cookie club card, I am entitled to a cookie, bitches. Now go on and cook me up some cookies, woman.

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