22 July 2006


I was doing my Kanji homework yesterday, and looking at this page, I chuckled to myself because of the irony. Oh yeah, I was at lab doing my homework. Anyhoo. Look at this:
If you look closely, I've actually taken the liberty to highlight all the things I want. This pretty much sums up everything* I want. Enjoy. And yes, being forever young is a desire. Young as in... not turning into one of those grumpy old people that never questions things and accepts everything at face value.

In that respect, I bet a lot of people are old.

The irony is that, while I was studing how to write RESEARCH INSTITUTION or MEDICAL DOCTOR, a reaction was running (and it worked! huzzah.)

*: Yes. Everything.

1 comment:

viv said...

even a ....silver wedding?