12 July 2006

Last night, this morning.. same thing yah?

So one semester of Japanese and Philosophy are over, with good results. それはよかった。Speaking of philosophy, that was the most mind-numbing class ever. I never paid attention, barely did the reading, and he always caught me sleeping. A lot of BS went into that paper to make an A. (barely).

You know what else? I like flashlights. So I ordered a $95 one yesterday. Totally unnecessary? Probably not. It's military grade so I can beat hobos and hippies if they attack me (or for those weeknights when things get boring, I can attack them.)


See that? Yeah. That's right. I'm going to have some fun blinding people, like a lightsabre.*

So I imagine that there's a lot of people who wonder.. what are hippies. I think the most functional word to describe them is.. CARELESSNESS. Also, a hippie will try to make you careless to join their circle. This is very dangerous, and one of the top reasons why they should be beaten.

I wonder, there are not that many people in the summer... why do people not take classes so it's easier in the fall & spring? o well.

Also, all the orientation people are here, reminding me of back in the day when I was so young. And didn't know anything.
\Yesterday, a couple of bombs went off in Bombay (Mumbai sounds retarded.), and I kept thinking, if this was ISRAEL, Pakistan would be under the water. We need another war. A final megabattle between the Hindus and the Heathens.

Eastern philosophies are too pacifist. No one wants to fight. Turn the other cheek, etc. The Jews will whip ass, but Hindus/Buddhists just sit... and eat.

If I was sitting on that red button, we would have already pwned some people.

*: Pretentious spelling intentional.

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