14 July 2006

Seriously. Israel rocks.

Guys, Israel rocks.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said "If the soldiers are not returned we will turn Lebanon's clock back 20 years."

I think that's the best war quote I've ever heard. Much better than the "ask what you do for your country" pansiness. JFK was a pansy.

Now I hope that Israel finds even more enlightenment and invades Syria, Iraq's Muqtada-al-Sadr's control, Iran, and finally Pakistan, then Bangladesh, then Indonesia.

After that, I'll throw a party. A big one. Hell, I'll throw a party if they invade Pakistan. I'm hoping by this time, the Saudis will be long gone.
\That's the problem these days. Eastern philosophies are too.. pacifist. 190 people die in Bombay, and 400 people are arrested. Whoop-de-doo.

THREE soldiers are kidnapped, and Israel declares war on the Middle East. That's so awesome. The soldiers aren't even DEAD. Probably sitting somewhere eating falafel.*
\There's a change coming to the council; one of the council members ('social') is being replaced with 'research'. Recently, the social has been idle. The list is as follows: acadæmia, moral, research, health.
\I'm going back to Plano today, the scheduled 'once every 2 weeks' trip. Cynthia, and Robert and possibly Robert Jr. じゃあ。また知りませんね。
\There's something I don't understand. I was in Japanese today, and sensei shows a picture and calls on someone (何ような顔をしていますか). I mean. The thing is, it's not a hard question. People are like "UHHHH, ETTOOO". That's ok. It's ok not to know, because, hell, we don't know anything. You don't know jack.

The irritating part about this is, when you look at them, they're all smiling and laughing that they don't know. Isn't it... shameful? If I couldn't answer, I would bow my head down and stay silent at the humiliation. Then when they can't answer, someone else does (usually very quickly), and the humiliated party continues to laugh. What.. exactly are you laughing.. at..? Very puzzling.

And Jeebus, you're only taking one class. And you're a biology major. The least you could do is study say.. 3 minutes? Irresponsible hippies.

*: I would like to note that falafel tastes like shit. In fact, I don't think I've tasted anything worse. Being forced to eat falafel could constitute as torture. Islamic food in general tastes bad. Because it's made from the same hands that kill people. It would probably taste bad otherwise too.


rob said...

i like falafel :/

piotrrcola said...


Reiha Malfoy said...

I like falafel too. You're such an Indian.

piotrrcola said...

God forbid I should hate the haters so much. jeez. Just wait till they do guerrilla warfare in Shanghai, cuz once Israel is over, chank-land is the only place where they can hide.